Welcome to Matchsports 

Founded in 2012 under our Swiss parent SBI Media, Matchsports is an end-to-end, interactive Sports & Entertainment Broadcaster. As manufacturers, we design sophisticated interactive hardware and software products.  As IPTV service providers we make these available to consumers so they can experience events in entirely new and innovative ways. By combining new technology with traditional and remote area broadcasting techniques, we provide greater connectivity to audiences as well as enhanced global exposure for events. The perfect relationship between quality broadcasting and consumer device connectivity.

A unique Matchsports consumer offering is our POV selection feature so you can become the "Director" of your own experience. Our distribution networks, purpose-built infrastructure and production partnerships with event owners and stadia enable us to deliver to audiences an experience that is Live Anywhere, Live Everywhere.             

Our hardware offering consists of our Matchrider. As proud inventors of this highly acclaimed riding/simulation platform, the Matchrider represents the first hardware retail release for the Group. The Matchrider is a revolutionary cycling-simulator designed for indoor cycling and fitness. From professional athletes in training for competition or fitness enthusiasts at home or at the gym, the Matchrider is the ultimate indoor cycling experience. 

For more information about us or our products please enquire by subscribing. 

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to bringing you Live Anywhere Live Everywhere.   

Team Matchsports.