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" Matchrider "
Sydney Showroom

the future of indoor cycling

"Matchrider is the revolutionary indoor bike trainer and cycling simulator coming to Sydney's Bondi Beach"

for Cyclists

For cyclists the most realistic indoor riding experience with all the benefits of riding a bike on the road. For those who truly know it is finally here!

for Triathletes

In addition during training sessions Triathletes can ride for hours on end, come off their bike and continue to run or swim as in competition.

for Spin bikes

The spin bike fitness community will experience real bike benefits whether training at home, an online class or at the local gym.

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about matchrider

what is the matchrider®

The Matchrider® is a revolutionary cycling simulator enabling all indoor cyclists to ride real bikes without  any of the conventional hardware restrictions. Young kids can now learn to ride safely,  pro’s can prepare for competition without fixed wheel restriction and even loyal spin bike users can expect all the bike riding benefits on the Matchrider®.  The Matchrider® is a one stop solution for all realistic indoor cycling”.       

what is coming


The smarterst indoor cycling hardware. Supporting without constraint allowing any bike to be ridden as freely as on the road.

Sydney showroom

The Matchrider showroom in Sydney's prestigious Bondi beach. Matchsports will open it's doors to share the Matchrider experience.

All indoor cycling

Indoor cyclists throughout the world whether in competition training, cycling for fitness or just for leisure, Matchrider is the ideal choice.


Some brief FAQ's on the Matchrider® release.

What makes the Matchrider®  uniquely special is the fundamental mechanical design which supports real bikes without restricting any of the cycling moments. There is no fixed wheel.

A simplistic and so realistic riding experience is difficult to achieve and easy to purport.  We encourage all indoor cyclists to try the matchrider as it will be the only way to truly unreel the break though achievements in our designs and the realistic freedom ir provides.


Friends that are subscribed will have up to-date information, such as when the Sydney showroom will open, other locations where they can test ride the matchrider and even receive invites to any exclusive pre launch secret  demonstrations. So please keep checking back with our site, subscribe and stay tuned!!  

In 2021 the Matchrider® will be available Australia-wide. In Sydney at our shoroom store at Bondi Beach. It will also be available for trial and purchase at select partner locations throughout the country. In 2022 Matchsports® will announce locations in both the United States and Europe.   

Once you try it and LOVE it you will be  able to purchase it directly from our Sydney showroom as well as our on line shop and even from the select number of premium partners in Australia. Our international friends will be able to purchase both on line and at select stores from 2022. 

Yes, in Australia we have an exclusive partnership with one of the country’s most reputable consumer finance Company TLC. We will connect you directly with our friends at TLC and you will be treated like royalty. Similar financing options will be available for the United States and Europe in 2022.          

The history of Matchrider®

Matchsports is an interactive Sports & Entertainment Company and the proud inventor of the “Matchrider”.  The invention of the Matchrider® evolved from work  going as far back as 2010 when Matchsports looked at introducing LIVE streaming from within the peloton at the World Tour.  Technologically advanced infrastructure with proprietary hardware that could combine and stream LIVE the POV and performance data from each athlete during any race. Sophisticated embedding and transmitting gear that only the Matchrider could receive and interact in real time.


Therefore in order to allow a bike to be ridden as if it was on a road whilst at the same time interactively receive LIVE streaming video with data feeds from bikes in another part of the world our task and problem to solve was clearly set. Step one had our team in search for the type of “home trainer/ exercise bike” that could rise to the challenge of being ridden like a bike out doors and keep up with the video and data at 60 frames per second.


After extensive testing evaluating all available options, we quickly realized that over the course of the last decades there had been little if no innovation in this area. All comparable products tested fell short or simply could not do any of what was required and so the decision was made to invent something from a blank canvas. A platform that was good enough to ride as if you where on the road, within the race! The number one challenge was to create a simulator that felt real, including feeling real to all your muscles. It had to engage the same muscle groups that are used when on the road and unless we could allow the bike moved under a rider, this simply would never work.

Over 70+ prototypes later and we had our solution. 


Achieved in part by our now patented Variable Spring Tension (VST) system, this is the system that gives riders the adjustable freedom of movement needed. Once we achieved a safe, practical and adjustable system which allows the bike to move under a rider exactly as on the road, we then moved to resolve another major challenge. “Engaging all the kinetic chain from head to toe so that you are really riding a bike”.


From there we moved to the electronics which in it self was difficult task. Understanding that with every part of a peddle stroke we are generating power wasn’t enough, we needed to know where that power went and as a result was it increasing or decreasing the overall speed. 5 years later we now have a Matchrider retail ready for home and commercial use with electronics designed from ground up to achieve the ultimate road simulation.


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