Limited Edition release

The inaugural Matchrider launch is celebrated with the release of a “Limited Edition Model”.  Only 1000 units will be available for each continental territory ensuring all “Matchrider Revolution” supporters around the globe have an opportunity to receive theirs before the end of the LE supply.

Three thousand (3000) in total, 1000 each for Europe, USA and Australasia is the production limit which will also include all the celebratory packed goodies. As the first deliveries are expected to be longer than normal lead time, we have packaged up some one-off nice bonuses to accompany the Limited Edition model. It will be the same price however these won't be a Limited Edition model and of course will not have all the goodies.

Our professional athletes have prepared 20 hours of intense training content that will accompany the Limited Edition Release as well as provide a signed certificate welcoming you to the revolution. In support of our commitment to the highest quality in precision manufacturing  we are also backing this special Limited Edition Matchrider to be delivered with a Lifetime Warranty.

"Thats Right"… forever!…

So as soon as you place your order we will also immediately send you your own Cycling Kit (Manufactured by Hincapie Sportswear) to ride with while you wait for your Matchrider to arrive. Let’s get you on the road and fitter ready for when the Matchrider arrives so you can keep up with what’s inbuilt/preloaded for you.



"what you get"  

We are very  proud to package some of the very best goodies with one of the very best platforms.

ios & android apps

"your keys"

Our Andoid and iOS controller apps. Total access and control over your Matchrider in any mode you wish. From simple training environment sessions to the virtual league.      




"pro content"

The best instructional and inspirational training content ever compiled by some of the world's greatest athletes. Yours to learn with or compete on the most realistic road riding simlulation platform.   

VALUED  OVER $500.00 


in style

"race kit"

Designed exclusively for Matchsports by Hincapie sportswear and is manufactured from the highest quality of material. It is made to be worn for long periods of time without any discomfort. This kit will be posted to the delivery address of your choice within days of your purchase. 

VALUED OVER $250.00 


quality assurance

"lifetime warranty"

A "no questions asked" replacement warranty. This is our commitment to quality assurance. It is also our commitment to the quality of product we will stand behind. The Matchrider is built to last and that is exactly what we represent to our customers and our brand partnerships.     

VALUED OVER $170.00 


in the club

"signature of authenticity"

Greetings from the best and a warm welcome to their club.   



Ride always....