Proprietary Training Sessions

training files exclusive to matchrider

Created within a proprietary system exclusive to the Matchrider, the recorded POV of a session with its embedded biometric data, can be ridden many times over.

When a file is re-ridden it is with the unique ability to match a Graded performance against the original.

These Matchfile sessions can be from a real competition race or pre-race reconnaissance run documenting daily conditions or simply as part of a favorite ride for indoor re-experience.

Create, re-ride and share fully immersive sessions exclusively on the Matchrider®.

what you will need

to create

camera (GO PRO)

computer (GARMIN)

golden cheetah

media encoder

usb stick

Take a minute to know the process

file instruction

We use unique, custom-built tools to create matchfiles
To create a matchfile of a specific session/ride we require a recording of both video from a camera and the data from a computer.Once recorded, these will undergo a processing preparation before they can be converted into a functional Matchfiles for use with a Matchrider.

We convert the data file into to a CSV. We stitch together the multiple Raw footage collected from the GoPro and compress into one an MP4.

We then we sync the CSV files with the Single MP4 on a proprietary Matchfile tool that encrypts and renders out the final Matchfile. This file is then dowloaded into the Matchrider app, decrypted to be used exclusively by the Matchrider.
Mount the camera and computer on the bike. The camera must be central to the handlebars, from below with clear POV site and secure enough to be vibration free.

Using your preferred video camera whether a GoPro or other to record the POV session.

Using your preferred computer (Garmin) to record ride data. 

When ride is finished we save both Raw footage and the data for processing.   

We import into our favorite video encoder whether it be a Adobe Media Encoder or Handbrake, stitch the raw footage files into a single sequence and then compress that to an MP4 and save. We still retain the raw footage in the USB.
We then import the Computer (Garmin data file) into a CSV and but using Golden Cheetah software and export that to session folder that will now have the MP4 file as well ad the CSV for that session together with the rider Mata Data information.
We then upload the MP4 and CSV with the Meta Data of the session for the synchronization process and final Matchfile creation.
At a beautiful scenic location with cruising effort. THIS CAN BE LONGER THAN 30 MIN & CAN BE CASUAL MIXED EFFORTS & LESS STRUCTURED.
This can be as per what a normal HILL CLIMB SESSION would entail.
This can be as per what a normal session would entail. Not expecting 30 minutes but can be The sprint will most likely be a number of explosive efforts, even a sprint past a motor pace session (sprint every 5min for 10 seconds). Tf this is able to be achieved.
Simulating a race condition such as a criterium with tight turns, freewheeling and explosive efforts.
A standard FTP effort is required if it can be safely conducted out doors. Alternatively an indoor recorded session.(TBA).
total sessions
5 sessions in total: 4 training sessions 1 scenic ride...
All sessions should be filmed early morning or nearing dusk in order to get the best quality of natural light and soft shadows.

What we need to record in step 1

session guide

How to record a matchfile session
Wake up the bike computer by turning pedals. This wakes up power meter for the satellite to connect speed in the computer (Garmin).

When the computer indicates “ready to go”, PRESS the start buttons on both the COMPUTER and CAMERA(GO-PRO) at the same time. Then simply start the ride.

Note: if a ride is longer than 30 minutes it is advised to that a portable power pack is attached to the go-pro ensuring sufficient battery power for the ride duration.
You wake up the bike computer by turning the pedal. This wakes up the power meter ensuring satellite connection for speed in the (Garmin) device.
Look for the the computer to be primed ready ready to go.
When computer is ready, PRESS the Start button on both the computer and GO-Pro at the same.
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If a ride is longer than 30 minutes, it is advised to attached a portable power pack to the Go-pro ensuring extended battery life for appropriate recording.
Session info for all files.
matchfile DATA