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How is the Matchrider any different to a normal wind trainer?
First of all the Matchrider is controlled electronically by an internal motor that is calibrated to current, so it is always “in-tune” and silent. Most importantly the bike isn’t fixed with an A-frame so it is free to move with the natural movement of the bike (sideways) as when peddling outside.
Ride with the pros, how is the Matchrider different to other 'real video' wind trainers?
Due to the accuracy of the Matchrider (electronically controlled with more than 500 data points per second) we allocate all the watts required to ride the terrain from the Pro's data. Recording data relative to them, we can now recreate the same conditions at home relative to you as a rider with complete accuracy. The more data collected on the ride the better the Matching experience. Add the mechanical freedom of movement that is part of the Matchrider and it’s now as if you are there.
How do I set up the Matchrider?
Out of the box it's 2 bolts, 3 pieces to assemble, attach your bike and plug in the power. This should take less than 3 minutes and you are ready to ride. Sync your smart device and all the control is now in your hands.
Where do I store the Matchrider?
Built with wheels, the Matchrider is designed to simply move around with ease and with the bike off it has a small footprint, easily stored out of the way. Many people choose to store their bike on it, ready to ride or release when going outside for a ride.
How heavy is it and why?
72 pounds (35kgs) of Solid Aluminum and brass, the Matchrider is designed as a platform to keep you and your bike safe. Although being able to wheel it around it is still light to maneouvre.
How much does it cost?
It is for sale at the same price everywhere in the world. All sales are made direct with Matchsports even when via agents, so there are no discounted units for sale. This allows Matchsports to stand behind its product and ensure only quality products are delivered to consumers without compromise. CHF 3950 OR US4200
Yes we provide consumer financing options for approved customers.
How do I transport it?
Built to last the Matchrider isn’t a light/small product, but it can be broken into two and packed into a specially designed flight case (accessory) or repacked into the delivery box for shipping. Future Matchsports products based on the patented technology are in development and will include a lighter travel version as the perfect additional warm up tool.
Will it fit my bike?
It is designed to fit all bikes, from the smallest children's bike to the largest mountain bike. Both the front cradle and rear rollers are both fully adjustable to length. For different tyre widths it simply holds snug with the 2 "O" rings, bringing the side wings to suit.
How do I put my bike on?
Our patented clamping system supports your bike at the down-tube and bottom bracket. This is designed to support the sideways movement as all weight bearing laterally is through the wheel axis as it is on the road. This allows for the bike to flex as it was designed to. The clamping system has 3 straps that are tightened around the frame with the ratchet system.
Where do I buy one?

matchsports.com is the place to buy a Matchrider. We take orders direct from consumers and/or co-ordinated via our Chartered Agents strategically located around the world. Once purchased we delivere worldwide directly from our manufacturing plant(s).

Can I use it without power?
No, the Matchrider is controlled by an electric motor so it needs power. If you ride it unplugged, you can’t hurt it but it will create unusual resistance as by peddling and turning the roller you create electricity and therefore generated resistance. It isn’t smooth as the power you generate isn’t consistent.
Can I use the power I generate?
The amount of electricity generate is valued at less than a cent per hour so we feel the additional cost involved to provide an “output” far outweighs the benefits. We see it as a gimmick!
Can I try before I buy?
We are currently expanding our Chartered agents around the world, so yes you will be able to try one later in the year. For now only selected professional athletes have been riding the initial units. Once you ride the Matchrider you will know why it is destined to change the world of indoor cycling. We do plan in the near future to be present at many races in our larger than life MATCH -TRUCK, so come visit!
Can I trade in my old trainer?
No, we are precision engineering manufacturers, not resellers of obsolete trainers. Our philosophy is not to up-sell a new platform every 6 months but to keep you excited for year to come by providing endless supplies of content for you and your Matchrider. Perhaps in the process Ebay will get very crowded with 2nd hand trainers. :)
What is the warranty?
Machined to the quality that the Matchrider is, we offer a 3 year replacement warranty and for only $179 this can be extended it for life. These machines are built to last a lifetime and we are prepared to stand by this. Our Limited Edition Model will enjoy Lifetime "no questions asked" warranty as part of our celebratory release gift package.
Who can I call for help?
Call us (or email and we will get back to you). We will guide you through the basis checks and if needed we have the ability to remotely access your Matchrider so, simply email or call us and we can log in and guide you through anything.
What is the Matchrider revolution?
The Matchrider revolution is a worldwide phenomena gaining momentum by everyone who simply takes one for a ride. The gap of advancement or as once person called it "breakthrough evolution" is so vast from what is currently available that once it is seen, felt, touched and ridden, people simply cannot go back to anything else. "Until something is there it cannot be seen".


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