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revolutionary Design

Gentle on your bike, so you can ride as hard as you like. Even if you can’t get out on the road, you still want to ride your favorite bike, whether that’s a prized road bike, or a much-loved BMX. Previous trainers have tended to use A-frames or direct drive designs which, no matter how smooth your pedal stroke or how well-dampened the device, will put stress on your bike’s frame. The Matchrider has eliminated this issue with a bold piece of design. Our frame mount is connected by 3 rubberized, aluminum cradles that are attached to your bottom bracket and down-tube with nylon straps. They’re fully adjustable, so you can avoid bottle cages, pumps and batteries without difficulty. Better still, the mount isn’t weight-bearing. That job is done by your bike’s own wheels, which rest on a set of rollers at the rear and a cradle at the front. For the first time ever, this means that you can ride as hard as you like on your favorite bike, without worrying about whether your frame is going to suffer, even if you’re pushing over a thousand watts like Robbie.  The rear wheel will be spared as well. The polyurethane rollers are as forgiving as a tarmac road – without the potholes, of course.

natural way to ride

We didn’t just want you to ride hard, we wanted to produce a ride that felt like you were out on the road, even when you’re inside. So the Matchrider has a number of design elements:

*  Realistic road feel
*  Variable stability
*  Stimulation of kinetic chain
*  Precision hardware
*  3rd party compatibility
*  Proprietary platform
*  Pro level simulation

what is matchrider®

The Matchrider is a revolutionary cycling simulator, which completely re-invents the traditional indoor trainer. It was designed with only one thing in mind: “to be the road”. Its unique, breakthrough design, which dispenses with fixed wheel or A-frame constraints, supports natural motion without constraining the rider or their bike. This allows you to enjoy the same biomechanical benefits as you would on the open road, even while you’re riding safely inside.


The Matchrider also possesses unique geometry through equal load-bearing and weight-distribution across both wheels. The entire bike moves under a rider, effortlessly releasing biomechanical energy from the rear wheel the same way as a bike does on the road. The wide diameter of the rollers allows the energy of the rider to be dispersed naturally, ensuring the bike does not slip and the tyres wear naturally.

This superior road feel is also delivered by state-of-the-art mechanical, electronic and software capabilities. These include unique user media files, called “Matchfiles”, which precisely capture multiple data inputs from actual rides. The Matchrider’s incredible sophistication is only matched by how simple it is to use.


With the ability to create a true road feel indoors comes the opportunity to explore how it can be used. Our team has worked tirelessly in developing dedicated modes. Each mode offering endless possibilities that are a direct result of the Matchrider’s precision electronics and unique “Matchfiles”.



The Matchrider can be used for training, fitness, rehabilitation or even virtual racing. All modes are available for individual use or within networked environments. Sessions can be private at home or hotel rooms or public such as a franchised gyms and even concept fitness stores. In addition,   libraries of professionally created “Matchfiles” exclusive to the Matchrider ecosystem. Users may also be able to create their own “Matchfiles” which they can share throughout their social network. Whether matching or training, the Matchrider can be used as a stand alone or in group training sessions. Available through out gyms in closed circuit training environments and in future via virtual racing leagues.

Matchfiles: One of the main differences of the Matchrider is the ability to create and provide resistance and assistance via manual input control. This simulation  of multiple environmental conditions is  emphasized and focuses on “creating one’s own environment”. This is much different and far superior to simple training resistance based platforms and  what differentiates the Matchrider from all other “same/same” trainers. The Matchrider’s training intervals can be customized with full input capability of user weight, bike weight, all wind impact resistance and assistance as well as gradient both uphill and downhill). Total control over the  environment. Therefore when users or coaches wish to create complete workouts they now have both the tools to create and the platform to experience.

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